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         Hi everyone I am so excited to talk to you all about my recent sale at #411 6893 Prenter St Burnaby. What is different about this sale from the rest is, that the buyer was finally obtaining his first home, and his excitement has completely infected me. The fact that we were able to obtain the ideal place for him, while BELOW ASKING PRICE, made this momentous occasion even more memorable. Realestate is a big part of life, no matter what goals and ambitions we all have, at some point we have thought about...when will i obtain my first home? Like all things in life at the moment it might seem quite daunting, but in reality all you need in order make this dream a real possibility, is take the first step. That might be deciding where or when you want to move, or it could be a more direct action, such as picking up your phone and calling the right professional. In my opinion the possibilities are endless, do not limit yourself. I feel absolutely honored and ecstatic to be able to help my client obtain his first piece of realestate. So i want to end off by saying if you want to find out what the possibilities are, I am here waiting to be by your side. For those who have already bought realestate in the past, I want to ask you...........do you remember your first?

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