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The following testimonials were written by just some of my happy sellers and buyers. They have all been kind enough to give me permission to show you their correspondence. Their letters and words are very gratifying. It seems that my down-to-earth and honest approach has earned me many friends - I think that's fantastic!

We Were First Time Home Buyers

      My wife and I were first time home buyers and were pretty nervous about the whole process as we had no knowledge of how everything comes together. We were introduced to James by our financial advisor's secretary and we must admit, it was one of the best connections we could've possible made to assist us in buying our new home.


Not only was he professional and knowledgeable in the real estate industry but he also helped us every step of the way even when, to my knowledge, there were areas that no realtor is required or obligated to help in. That was a huge relief to my wife and me plus it gave us a peace in our hearts and minds knowing that the process of one of the biggest purchases that we'll ever make in life was being watched over and given guidance to by James.


In short, we're now in a home that we love, got it at a great value and James connected us with a mortgage specialist that got us an incredible rate for the mortgage that won't strain our budget for the next 25 years.


Kudos to you James and thank you so much for making our dream of being home owners come true!



Ben,Ana and Damian Liu


I Would Recommend James To Anyone Looking For Their First Home, Second Home Or Even To Those Looking to Buy Their Next home For An Investment

It was a pleasure dealing with James in my home search as a first-time home buyer. His knowledge of the market conditions and surrounding areas of places we looked at was admirable. He pointed out both the drawbacks and positive aspects of all the locations. He gave his truly honest opinion as if he were buying the home for himself and it was very much appreciated. He was very thorough in explaining all the documents to be signed and was there every-step of the way and as a first-time home buyer this could've been much more over-whelming. 

I would recommend James to anyone looking for their first home, second home or even to those looking to buy their next home for an investment. You can count on James and feel confident that he will get you the best deal and weed out the less attractive properties so you find the home you desire and also fits your lifestyle. All the best in searching for your next homes everyone!

M. Dhak


I wanted to give my son the opportunities I did not have


I was referred to James Hau by another his past clients, and I am glad  they did! While working with James I was constantly surprised by his work ethic, market knowledge, honesty, and integrity. He listened to me intently, and truly gained an understanding of what I wanted. I told him “I don’t want my son to grown up holding a hammer. I want to give him the opportunities that I didn’t have myself.” I told James to help me find the perfect investment property, at the right price, so I would not be crushed by the burden of it. Since we were looking for a home in a very competitive market, we encountered competition at every turn. At first I was hesitant to bid, however James provided ample market information, and also offered me his insights as well. Thanks to his seemingly endless patience, and his spectacular multiple offer strategies we were not only able to win the bid at a great price, but we were able to find a property that gave me the possibility to get very hefty rental revenue annually. Needless to say I was finally able to let out a sigh of relief that I not only entered the real estate market, but I am also able to benefit off of it and have options. I would certainly recommend James Hau to anyone looking to buy and investment property, first home, or rental revenue property.  I can honestly say most importantly that James, not only possesses such a deep comprehension of the real estate market, and negotiation strategies, but it’s the fact that he truly cared about what I am trying to accomplish. He didn’t just want to close another deal, which is why I want to personally say “ Thank you James for everything you’ve done for me and my family. You are not only my realtor, but you are also our friend.”







There is no hesitation for me to recommend James to all my family and friends. 

I am grateful to have met James. he is such a good person.I remembered that when I met James in the first time, I was interested in the property which  he was selling. At that time, he was not my agent, but he was still trying to help me and give me so many useful  suggestions.  he was talking to me as a friend rather than the business customer relationship. he always  acts as an professional realtor as well as an good friend to talk with an very comfortable environment. Most important of all, he is always stand in my side and negotiating with the opposite agent and clients. There is no hesitation for me to recommend James to all my family and  friends. good jobs!! and thank yo very much! My dear friend James!

Jason. Z



Not All Agents Are Created Equal

My friend introduced me to James and I'm very glad he did! 
I have been through some terrible realtors before, and thanks to them to make me realize how professional and great James is.
James is very knowledgable and nice. He respects your business by listening to you carefully, being on time for appointments and making sincere advices. 
He always stands on your side and cares about your interests. He is not the realtor who is trying to push you to place higher offer which you should not for getting the offer. Instead, he always says: this is a long journey, and I'm glad to join you to find your dream home together. 
During the whole home purchasing process, he took care of every thing, even the tiniest part. For example, he read the documents line by line to make sure everything is going right. Believe me, the realtors I have before don't even read!
To sum up, I'm glad I have James as my realtor and I would recommend him to a friend.

-Gilbert Miao





Professional & Knowledgeable

     As a new investor in Vancouver real estate market, I am grateful to have met James. There was a comfort zone to his personality and how he presented himself in a professional manner. James was prepared every time and was able to provide me his advice for each showing. Most important of all, on the day of presenting offers, James stood by me in negotiating with the opposite agent and clients. I would definitely recommend James to my family and friends for his excellent service and knowledge of the real restate business. Thank you, James!

-A. Lin





         As a young first-time home buyer I would like to thank James Hau, for his help in finding me the 'perfect home'. James was very helpful and is a true professional in real estate as he explained everything to me clearly and made sure I understood exactly what I was doing. There was no pressure and I felt comfortable contacting James to view properties at my convenience. James knows how to manage time and set up showings effectively, there was adequate time to soak up each property we went to and digest what I liked and didn't like and then we would go see the next property with very little downtime in between. Through a thorough screening of what I wanted and what was a deal breaker, he gained insight to what I was looking for and I couldn't be happier with the result. What was most impressive however, was that he closed the deal BELOW asking price in a market where prices are increasingly competitive. I appreciate the effort he put into the purchase from start to finish, he kept me constantly updated through phone calls and texts. I highly recommend James Hau to anyone looking for a top-tier real estate agent with excellent service who will go over and above for you. Thanks again. -Dilbir Dhak


  Mr.James Hau is one heck of a amazing realtor
I call him one in a million.  No he may be one in a billion!
I have never met any young man of his age working so hard, so professional, so attentive, so honest and so caring to his clients. 
  He has a very  bright and Successful future which he has     earned and deserves.  When I need to buy or sell property or go out condo hunting.Mr.James Hau is the best man to call   for service.i know he would never disappoint me.

   I am not his friend or his relative. I am one of his faithful   clients who loved his great service.
 房地產業青年精英候海涛先生,忠誠、守禮守法,房地  產買賣,託付予他,可以安心,成功指數上升.這個是我  個人體驗.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
 2017 年元月

 Vivian Chen of Vancouver BC Canada.

Organized, Knowledgeable, and Honest

"James is the first realtor we found and the only realtor we needed. He's super organized, knowledgeable, and honest. As a first time home buyer, he was exactly what we needed to guide us through. I definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a new home. 


-Stephanie & Eddie"

Sincere, well organized, has an inspiring work ethic and is a professional in all regards.



James was extremely helpful during the search for my first property, he created a trusting and no-pressure atmosphere which helped ease any tensions I may have had. He provided clear, concise information from both statistical data to his own insights and projections.


He provided property listings based upon criteria that I had set but also provided listings which he thought may be useful in further narrowing down what I might interested in, which was most welcome, because as a first time home buyer I wasn’t exactly 100% sure.
When I was ready to settle on a property, James went above and beyond what I believe to be the normal call of a real estate agent and help me close the deal, which I could have easily lost due to an oversight on my part.


Dealing with James definitely helped me gain the knowledge I needed to make the most well informed and confident decision I could have made.
I consider James Hau to be a specialist in all aspects in the field of real estate: he is sincere, well organized, has an inspiring work ethic and is a professional in all regards. I would most definitely recommend him to anyone searching for that next level real estate agent.

Gurbir Dhak

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